PaperBag Project

Minting is LIVE!
50% of sales to mental health charities 12% to reserves to fund future airdrops/giveaways 55ADA each/145ADA for 3 Send exactly 55ADA (for 1) OR 145ADA (for 3) to address below, Dont send from an exchange


 Welcome to   AdRinsu

NFTs inspired by the crypto community and caffeine fueled rabbit holes. With a heavy focus on giving back and growing an engaging community. Click that 'Read more' button to learn WTF an NFT is from a copy and pasted definition.

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Pitstop 1

-Begin building a strong and engaged community
-Launch the PaperBag project

Pitstop 2

-Continue building the community
-Community events and competitions with ADA prizes.
-Release additional projects (more information to come)

Pitstop 3

-Focused on creating a DAO  (more information to come)
-Continue focusing on developing an engaging community.
-Release Good Luck Koin V2 for use with the DAO

In The Spotlight

Feel free to Email about the availability of any of the listed NFTs

Good Luck Koin 

A001 (GLK) 200 Minted
First Featured Design mint
Acts like a Lucky Rabbit's foot for your wallet. Owners get a chance at exclusive items and get additional entries on giveaways

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Over The RainBow

A900 (OTR) 25 Minted
First Giveaway NFT

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Heating Up

A002 (Heat) 21 Minted
First animated mint 

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000 (Lime) 15 Minted
000 series are not available for purchase 
These are intended to be fun thank you for people who have helped me 

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