AdRinsu Tl:Dr


My style comes from and is inspired by the crypto community...and A.D.H.D. caffeine fueled rabbit holes. As such the style is always changing. I strongly believe in giving back to the community that has helped my beautiful obsession with crypto grow (Basically follow  me on Twitter for free stuff)

Limited series break down:

000s: The triple zero series are NFTs made and disturbed only for people who helped me along the way or on a certain project. These are terrible, rare af and can be meant as a joke.

Featured Designs (001-899): 001 Is my first minted NFT for sale titled “Good Luck Koin” I made a sh*t load of these (200). Don't get used to it, this was done in hopes of building hype! Go read its other features in the Gallery. From here on out, mint amounts will NOT be over 21 (and will be less depending on the piece)…. Of those minted I will always keep one for myself, sorry not sorry. In my eyes, our wallets are our own personal museums and I should probably have my own work displayed.

The 900’s: These NFTs are minted for giveaways and promotions only. The  charge will be extremely low or just MIGHT be transaction fees. There will be some random sh*t to do for these like follow my page on the Twitters, or Discord, own another NFT, click a button, draw a stick figure, use you imagination!

Letters: Indicate what year the piece was made. 'A' being the first year, 'B' being the second year etc. etc.

Crypto, Cardano & Me 

I'm not a maximalist by any means. I don't own a bag of just one crypto asset (not financial advise). I own NFTs from multiple networks, and believe in multiple networks working together for a common good. Keeping that in mind, I decided to launch my NFTs with Cardano for a few reasons. First it's nice to pay low fees not pay a $100 to claim $50. Second is what attracted me to Cardano, The Community. When I first learned about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies I was (and still am) obsessed. I wanted to learn as much as possible, I read books, articles, and watched videos. I also joined various online groups. The Cardano group overall had the most welcoming and positive community. At this time staking still wasn't out and to me it was mind blowing to find such a helpful, informative group filled with such optimism. So I decided to really dive deeper and check it out. Which brings me to the third reason, the approach. The slow and steady approach built a quality project from the ground up. I think this speaks volumes about Cardano. Far too often in this space it seems like everyone is rushing to push out the hottest trends. Often at the expense of the users money, or at users experience with complex sites.


Nothing I say should be considered financial advice. Some things I say are meant in a joking manner and are not ever intended  to offend anyone.