Featured Designs

Besides GLK all pieces featured here will have a max mint amount of 21. Of the 21 I will always keep one for my personal wallet. As I've mentioned before I think of our wallets as our own personal museum. A museum built for us by us that we can take anywhere, and with that in mind, I always want to have a piece of myself in that museum. 
You can message me on Twitter or send an Email (Links are on the site) about buying any of my work.

Good Luck Koin (GLK)A001               
200 Mint 

This one is very special to me for many reasons, My first NFT and someone close to me helped with it. Back when I thought all graphic art was done in Microsoft Paint. Because of this GLK is a good luck charm, a lucky rabbit's foot for your wallet. Owners will get exclusive rewards and higher chances of winning giveaways. Because of this GLK is the only NFT in 'featured designs' with such a high mint amount. I wanted more people a chance to obtain one and get the benefits that come along with it.  

Heating Up
21 Mint
The first animated piece. This was created from thinking about so many people that but so much faith in Cardano and what was going to be built. And then NFTs blew up, the community is/was so alive. And the best part was things are only just getting warmed up. The jet black background is a representation of all the people who are left in the dark. Without access to something like a bank account which seems so basic to most.  The Cardano coin being the light shows how Cryptocurrency is chance for people to finally be out of the dark. 

Neon Sign
18 Mint

First GLK exclusive reward

-Sold Out-

The Giver
This is 1 of 1 made only for a charity auction. The Giver sold for an amazing 155ADA!

Not for Sale

13 minted multiple variations

Not for Sale

1of 1 animated piece
Sold in auction

1of1 still sold in auction. 
Sold in auction

Sold in auction